Different interior materials - Solve Adjacencies


I’m trying to apply a different interior material for only one zone, but I can’t run the energy simulation since it displays an error. It seems the adjacent faces don’t have the same material, so I believe I am not managing to solve the adjacency correctly. Could anyone help me with that?

Thank you in advance.

@thisf ,

Interior constructions in EnergyPlus must have reversed material layers between adjacent surfaces. If you plug in a construction for the _altConstruction input to solve adjacencies, it should do this reversal for you automatically if the construction does not have symmetric material layers.

Thanks a lot for the answer @chris. I see and now it makes a lot of sense. However I wonder if i need to solve the adjacencies in different steps. As you can see in the image attached I have the yellow volume which is suppose to have 2 different types of interior constructions. What would be your suggestion to tackle with this challenge? I appreciate the help Chris.

@thisf ,

You can use two solve adjacency components (one after the other) to get control over the different adjacency information applied with each component. Just make sure removeCurrentAdj_ is set to False and then any exiting adjacencies will not be changed.

Hi @chris. Thanks again. I tried the recommended strategy but didn’t succeed. I wonder if I missed something or if there’s another problem I can’t see. I have attached the file.THISF_FORUM.gh (703.4 KB)

hard to say if this is something wrong. Too many texts to differentiate.
But anyways, check what i’m proposing you to do. See white groups. I’m saving 1 of your solveAdjacencies which i believe is unnecessary. I think the internal walls are now well recognized.
Also updated the file to last components (you had 2 HB_HB components, each a different version).
Unfortunately the windows were not internalised, so i hope it will work fine.
THISF_FORUM_AY.gh (676.7 KB)

Thank you so much for looking into the file @AbrahamYezioro. It looks great and the adjacencies seem to be working as intended. I wanted to ask you about the material of the internal wall. After the last solve adjacency, the air walls are well recognized but not the internal wall construction.

Try setting the preserveConstructions input to True.

Thanks @AbrahamYezioro. It didn’t really work out. I decided to go around and explode the breps so I could match all the surfaces properly.