Different % of comfort results for same csv data over runs in Ladybug Adaptative Comfort Calculator

Hi guys, I would appreciate some help.

Im trying to process a bunch of .csv files from energyplus with the legacy Ladybug Adaptative Comfort Calculator.

I wanted to write the % of hours in comfort, % discomfort Cold, % discomfort Hot in a comparative table. I figured out how to using some recording data components and all seemed to write fine.


While I was testing the algorithm I made copies of the same .csv input file, and each time the Ladybug Adaptative Comfort Calculator runs, it gives me different results.
I can`t figure out how come if the input data is the same. :thinking:

Any ideas? Is there any way to reset the component after the run?

Unfortunately i cant upload the file since Im a new user to this Forum but I will be pleased if someone could help.

How different are the results?
are we talking a margin of idk ~3% or like 10+%?

Hey Trevor,

Sometimes even more than that.
And each run a different value.

I don’t understand why, since it should calculate the month average or running mean and compare to the data from the ashrae or En st

Hey @alefelipe1 ,

How are you aligning your CSV data with the outdoor prevailing temperature? Can you upload a screenshot?

I would also highly recommend using the LB Adaptive Comfort component in the LBT 1.4 plugin since it’s a lot harder to mis-align temperatures with the prevailing outdoor temperature there.