Different result for Honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation

Hi friends please guide me.
Why does the simulator differ in calculation of brightness each time the power is turned on and off? Although no change in the variables occurs. Is there a problem with the simulator or my work?

Hi,@Aliarch Could you upload your grasshooper file or share the link for it ?

Hello thank you
I uploaded the file. Thanks for checking and if I have any points write to me in the file.
I am waiting for your replyhole.gh (569.9 KB)

Hi,@Aliarch some geometry missed,please internalise it

thank you sir minghole2.gh (577.8 KB)

mr ming I uploaded that file. im waiting.thanks

This has been asked before several times. This is an expected behavior in Radiance.


I also talk about it in more details during the daylighting workshop which you can watch for free this week.

thank you mostafa.
Well what can I do, no one will answer me. :cold_sweat: