Different versions of LBT coexisting?

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Currently, I have a robust and solid energy model, based on Ladybug Tools version 1.1.0, Openstudio 3.0.1 (Energyplus 9.3) and Rhino 6.
I need to include the SHW loads and consumption to the model (which is not available in version 1.1.0). As far as I know, I need to install the version 1.4.0 of LBT to model it correctly but I do not want to compromise the performance of the current model, which runs perfect with version 1.1.0. I would like to know if it is possible to include the SHW components (LOADS and SHW templates) from 1.4.0 without losing the 1.1.0 components or having to overwrite them. Can components of two different versions coexists? How can I implement it?

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How have you built and saved your Honeybee model in version 1.1?

If you have saved your energy model as a HBJSON, you can update it to the latest version using the Update HBJSON component after you install version 1.4.

If you’re just running a Grasshopper definition to produce your energy model from raw geometry, then you can update this definition to the latest version using the LB Sync Grasshopper File component after you install version 1.4. If the number of inputs and outputs for a component have changed since version 1.1, you will need to manually reconnect the new version of the component to the others in the definition but this doesn’t happen too often and the “Sync Grasshopper File” component will make the need to replace the component clear.

We didn’t really remove any objects between version 1.1 and 1.4 (we only added things) so your current model should update without any loss of information. More importantly, we fixed a lot of bugs since those early versions so I strongly recommend updating to the latest version.

And, no you can’t have two versions of the LBT plugin installed at the same time just in the same way that you can’t have two versions of Rhino 6 installed at the same time.

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I need to ask then, Could I install two versions of ladybug on two different versions of Rhino?

For instance, I have lb & hb legacy versions on Rhino 6 with all the compatible versions of open studio 2.9.1, radiance, etc…

Now I need to use a new version of ladybug to use dragonfly, Could I install rhino 7 and then install the new ladybug on it in addition to the newer version of open studio 3.4.0 and all the other related software like Radiance [5.4a(2021-3-28)] (947ea88a)?

Also in the compatibility matrix its mentioned that new ladybug and other related software need rhino 7.18, must it be that exact version or it could work on a more updated rhino version?

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Hey @Mohammad.ElGhandour ,

Sorry for the late response here. You can have Legacy Ladybug + Honeybee installed alongside a version of Ladybug Tools for Grasshopper. But you can’t have two versions of Ladybug Tools installed (eg. version 1.3 and version 1.5).

The LBT-Grasshopper wiki includes instructions for how to make sure the simulation engines for Ladybug Tools do not interfere with those you’re using for Legacy:

The Rhino version is only there as a reference and you don’t need to match your version of Ladybug Tools with it. Just make sure you are matching the version of Ladybug Tools with the simulation engines.

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