Difficulties with the honeybee grid for running a daylighting analysis

Hi everyone,

I am developing a model in grasshopper for my thesis and I am facing a problem with generating gridpoints for daylighting analysis. Due to a strange shape of the floor I want to analyse, I have a non uniform distribution of the grid (screenshot 1 attached). I am thinking to create the grid on a larger surface and then check if the point of the larger surface belong to the floor surface (screen 2), but I don’t know how to develop this code.

Image 1

Image 2

Thank you in advance!

See this:

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Perfect thank you very much! It works perfectly!

Sorry Mostapha an additional question. The grid works perfectly but I don’t understand why I can’t use that meshes in the Ladybug recolor mesh component to show graphically the results. It seems that I find just one surface instead of N surfaces.

Flatten and then join the meshes into a single mesh.

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