Difficulties with the new HB PMV Comfort Map

Dear @chris, I am having several issues with the PMV Comfort map that I hope you can shed some light on. I suspect that these issues are interrelated which is why I have left this as a single post for now.

  1. The first issue is similar to this person’s, where in some cases the component runs for a while and then has an error message saying it can’t find the some data in the result folders. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to recreate the issue in any predictable way; it appears to happen almost randomly. I will start with your example file which runs smoothly, then step-by-step replace it with my inputs, until at some point it gets the error message. But then, when I start changing things back step-by-step, the error remains. I know this isn’t particularly helpful, but I thought I’d flag it here in case others run into it - will keep my eyes open in case it happens again!

  2. When running in parallel, the simulation sometimes seems to get hung up for several minutes, with the same message in the command window repeating over and over - something about how “There are no more tasks to run at this time” (sorry for the poor screenshot resolution):

  3. I’ve been setting up this parameter study which is now running, but the diagonal of the room is getting weird results (other than the diagonal the results look fine):

    comfort_mapping diagonal.gh (74.0 KB)

  4. As you can see from the definition above, I have also tried running it on Pollination (07c5e7c5-042a-4030-9ae7-0793ed3ab8c7) but it fails and I don’t understand why:


@MaxMarschall ,

Your file has a bunch of extra dependcies on other Grasshopper plugins so I wasn’t able to run it in the same way you did. I’m not able to get the diagonal on my end:

If the component turns red, then something failed in the simulation and you should either use the report_out_ option to see what the error is or you should check the text file in the __logs__ folder within the simulation directory.

I don’t see that job on Pollination but we could also check the logs there for any error messages.

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