Direct Sun Hours - "Attempted to Divide by Zero"

Hello everyone. I am trying to do a very simple directsun hours analysis. When I connect the vectors from the Sunpath component to the DirectSunHours component, I keep getting the error: “Solution exception: Attempted to Divide by Zero.” I reference another thread and I have updated all my components, restarted rhino, restarted my computer. Nothing has changed. It was working last night! Please help!!!

To help you please upload the file.
Being your first time posting here (welcome) probably you’ll need to send a link to it.

Let me know if this works. Thanks so much for the help. (997.7 KB)

There are some geometries that you need to check. They fail the analysis. See image:

Saying that i don’t get what is what you want to check, since everything is underground. If you want to test something punctual i suggest to use only the relevant geometry.


Thank you! Yes, it is underground. I am trying to understand how cuts in the ground will interact with sunlight. I will go back and check my geometries.