Direct Sun Hours result only show yellow and blue color

Hi all, I start learning ladybug for the solar analysis, however, I find the result I make a quit different with the result in the tutorial on YouTube.

Do not know is this have something wrong with my grasshopper formula

Hi @MatthewGG

In your simulation you can see your gradient from blue - bottom - to yellow - maximum.
You can change this in your simulation in parameters too.
Take it as reference since you can find the max an min values.

In your code:
You are analyzing with the 13h of 1th January only. - Look at the HOY of commands.
Try with a group of hours using “Analysis Period” so you can generate more values and illuminate the lateral facades. Try just one day so you wont use too much computations.

In your model: the context maybe too high for some sun vectors and shadow the whole build in dawn.

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To be simple @MatthewGG , you will achieve either 0 hours or 1 hours only (so only 2 colors) if you run the analysis for 1 hour of the year.
Run the analysis for minimum 1 day (12 sunlight hours avg) like @MR_Yuki says to see the considerable impact of the context shadings on the analysis block.

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