Direct sunlight hours analysis, but with points, not BREP/Geometry?


I need to use points instead of a BREP surface(s) for direct sunlight hours analysis to generate a 3-dimensional visualisation of how the sun interacts with the site annually. I will do this layer by layer of the site.

I assume there is a way of dividing my site into a defined amount of points, as this is already what the DirectSunHours component does to the input geometry.

I am very new to both grasshopper and ladybug, so it would be fantastic if you could explain solutions step by step if it’s not too much trouble.

Many thanks,

Hi @jcb, welcome to the forum!

Have you already generated the points you are looking to analyse?

Hi, thanks Charlie.

I have a point grid set up - nothing LB/HB based, just normal Rhino points set with the ‘pt’ function in Grasshopper.

Hi @jcb,

Simplest option I can think of would be to turn those points into a HB Sensor Grid and use the HB Direct Sun Hours to simulate.