Direct sunlight hours

I am trying to get the direct sunlight hours on my geometry. I have noticed something about the sunpath component and analysis period. why when I am only studying only a 1 hour period, it calculate for 3 hours?

based on the image, the top surface is receiving 3 hours of sun? I just want to know about the time period of 12 to 13. this is causing error in my model and the calculation. can anyone help? thanks

Disconnect the north sign from the north input. If you change the north direction connect an angle and not the geometry of the north component.

Thank you @AbrahamYezioro . that solved that issue. can you please see this too?
i am trying to find the sunlight hours on the floor from skylight.

does not look like that its counting the window i had defined at the top.

it should be my windows definition. seems like its opaque.

thank you in advance !

Hi,@JanuaryJune Sunlighthour component does not the glass material . I suggest you to use honeybee daylight compotent.

thank you @minggangyin . I need to calculate the direct sunlight hours. could not find that in honeybee component. what else can I use to see the skylight function in terms of direct light on the floor?

Hi @JanuaryJune If you want to calculate the direct sunlight hours, you should set windows as a hole.

Thank you @minggangyin