Display both shadows and object materials

Hi Everyone,

I’m running a simple simulation with LB-direct-sunlight hours.
The result is good, but I’m wondering about the display options.

Let’s say I have a cube with a material which is concrete or something of that sort. Is it possible to overlay the shadow range result ONTO the concrete material (meaning, not instead). At the moment, I can either turn off grasshopper and see the object as concrete, or turn it on and see the shadows. However, the shadows/light completely obstruct the view of the object’s material.

Please see the attached screenshots (1-just the object with some material; 2-just the simulation of shadow range; 3-overlaying both, which does not look good)

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The short answer is “no” because the Direct Sun Hours outputs a mesh, which is a geometry element that will be previewed on top of whatever is in your Rhino scene.

The longer answer is that the LB Set Rhino Sun might give you something closer to what you’re looking for.

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Thanks Chris, that’s helpful!
I’ll look at LB Set Rhino Sun and move from there.