Display issues whith Sunpath Component (v.1.5.0)

Hello community,

I am doing some tutorial exercises using Ladybug and Honeybee (version 1.5.0). I came across the issue that when moving Sunpath away from Rhino origin (0, 0), the display of the curves start behaving awkward.

Tried to fix this in different ways:

  • Moving with a point set in Rhino.
  • Moving with a constructed point in Grasshopper.
  • Restoring to default all the display and grid options in Rhino.
  • Using different EPW files.

Nothing seems to fix the issue. Searched for similar cases in the Forum, didn’t find similar issues.

Could it be my Rhino installation? Or a bug in the Sunpath component?

Thanks to all.

SunPath_150.gh (15.5 KB)

Yes, something is definitely happening with the component. @jorgeallen .
At first i was thinking that it happens only when moving the base point in the Y axis, but after changing the zoom view also the X is behaving weird.
Didn’t find in the code what can be. @chris should know better.

Thank you, @AbrahamYezioro. Sometimes it seems that only in the Y-axis is behaving strange. But as you move the sun path around in the X-axis is doing the same.

I’ve found that the issue is happening also with the WindRose component.
The compass lines are those that are displayed weirdly.

I have also checked the WindRose component, and it is doing the same to me. I change the units between millimeters, to centimeters and to meters, and changing the tolerance as well, and keeps doing the same every time.

All components plotting compass are having the issue:



I found out that if you apply the Move Grasshopper component to the whole geometry that comes out from the Sunpath with a translation vector, it works, and the geometry stays together.
Maybe it is not the best option, but my scripting skills are none. So, in the meant time it works.