Display the REAL Ray Path

I’m working on a project which is aimed to reflect the sunlight in room.
Can I use the Ladybug tools to display the real simulated ray path in the Radiance Point-in-Time View Bsed simulation?
I want the real ray path rather than “Foward Raytracing” tool.
It can help me to improve the effectiveness of this project.
Thanks ALOT!

I’ve seen some cases where you can get the points where the backwards-traced rays are hitting the geometry from Radiance (essentially showing you the ambient divisions). But you’ll have to run some custom radiance commands to get it. Maybe some of the Radiance gurus on the forum like @sarith or @mikkel might know more as I remember seeing some workflows in Honeybee[+] for this.

Around three years we had a brief discussion about this on github: https://github.com/ladybug-tools/honeybee/issues/246
I don’t think we ever got around to writing a component or script for this.


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Thanks a lot for your reply!@ chris@ sarith
I am going to try this function by coding.
If I have any questions that I cannot sovle, maybe I need to come back!