Distinct zone window size and adjacencies


I have a model with few zones. Each requires a different glazing ratio.

What’s the most efficient way of controlling the each zone’s glazing ratio while solving adjacencies simultaneously?

See below RN+HB files.



4.7.3dm (2.14 MB)
008_Honeybee EnergyPlus Simulation Shai+Seung.gh (837 KB)


I didn’t look on your files but your question is not clear.

You don’t get glazing ratio for a zone (unless you manage to define it by yourself). HB allows defining glazing ratio according to the orientation of the facade in each zone.

Does it makes sense for you?



To assign different glazing ratios for individual zones (ratios that will be applied in all cardinal directions), you want to graft the input list of glazing ratios and as well as the input list of zones before connecting them to the “Glazing Based On Ratio” component.

You can also combine this grafted logic with 4 ratios per tree branch to assign individual cardinal directions for each of the zones.