DIVA how to display more digits after the decimal point?


Is it possible to display more digits after the decimal point for a daylight factor simulation using DIVA? I have only one decimal for mean DF and I would like to have more than that. And same for the data in the grid viewer. For some cases, having more decimals is crucial to make sure that thebuilding can pass the regulation.



This is a forum for questions about Ladybug Tools! For Questions related to Diva you should use Diva user forum.

Hi Mostapha,

Yes sorry, I just realised that.

Thanks for your reply anyway.


Make sure that you are not using more digits than the accuracy in your file… usually .01 is very precise and requires high radiance settings (no matter if you use diva or honeybee)…
As a test try and run your model twice and see difference in point values.