Do HVAC templates have an embedded control strategy to bypass heat recovery?

Hi all, if I define an HVAC system like this:

…can I assume that the system is automatically bypassing the heat recovery during times when it is not needed, i.e. when the interior is overheating and the outdoor air is cooler?

I ran a test and think the answer is “yes”.

Here is a comparison of heating energy for heat recovery vs. no heat recovery in winter (Melbourne, Australia i.e. southern hemisphere):

…and here is the same comparison of cooling energy in summer:

In winter, the heat recovery has a beneficial impact on heating as expected. In summer, the cooling energy is identical, which can only mean that the heat recovery is bypassed, correct? Otherwise the internal loads would be recycled and the cooling energy should be higher.
HR (176.6 KB)

I believe that this is what the “Supply Air Outlet Temperature Control” is that you can see in the OpenStudio App:

It’s not the same as an economizer lockout but I think this means that the heat recovery will adjust based on the temperature setpoint of the DOAS loop.

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