Do shading objects impact ventilation in Honeybee?

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I am simulating the impact of window shading and opening on indoor thermal comfort.

The shading devices I am simulating are external wood panels that are placed to cover completely the windows. I modelled them as a continuous plane separated 10cm from the window plane.

Do these shading objects obstruct somehow ventilation in Hobeybee? Or it does not affect (unless I use HB Window Opening component and modify discharge coefficient)?

I don’t believe they do, you could check big ladder and the energy plus documentation.

I would change the discharge coefficient to account for it as you suggested.

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The calculation of the ventilation is based on the coefficient factors that are applied to each opening, and on the wind profile. This calculation is performed by E+, an engine that calculates the energy heat transfer between spaces.
Elements blocking ventilation are a fluids problem, which can only be solved using a CFD simulation, which is a different technology than E+.

Therefore no, ventilation is not affected by it, Honeybee (E+) has no way to take that into account.
Modifying the discharge coefficient is the most sensible workaround for your exercise without overcomplicating it.

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Hello, i have a follow up question regarding exterior shadings impact on the natural ventilation. I have exterior PVC shading that lowers to 70% when the internal temperature of the zone is at 23°C, the dicharge coef would therefore be lower when the shades are lowered than when they are open.

TLDR : Is there any way to set the discharge coef on a schedule that corresponds with the exterior shade schedule?

Thanks in advance !

Hi! I wanted to do something similar, but I wasn’t able to solve it. I also made a question about it, but no one answered it: