DOE Single Family Prototype

Hello LBT team

I am wondering if the PNNL residential prototype (single family detached) is available in HB like we have the commercial building programs? I suspect not since I could not find it but wanted to check. Is there any way to generate an OSM model from the IDF using HB?


Hey @RD ,

The short and answer for now is “no.” The longer answer is that, if this prototype building somehow gets abstracted into an OpenStudio space type and gets added to OpenStudio Standards, then we can expose it. So Matt Dalhausen who maintains OpenStudio Standards is probably the right person to ask about this. He is knee-deep in the middle of a big refactor of space types now so this might be fresh in his mind. You might be able to get him to respond on UnmetHours.

You’ll have to be more specific about this:

IDFs can be imported to OpenStudio or you can use the HB Load gbXML OSM IDF component to import it to Honeybee. But the import process is lossy. You may get all of the loads (but no HVAC) imported through the OpenStudio Application. When importing to Honeybee, I suspect that you will loose some of the loads because they are formatted in a way that is appliance-by-appliance and not generalized to a space type.