Does HB Run Energy Simulation component still exist?


I’ve just uninstalled all LB/HB and installed the latest LB version (1.7.26) and noticed many of the HB tabs were not there compared to the old HB set up I had. In particular, the ‘HB Run Energy Simulation’ component is missing. Does this no longer exist or do I need to install from somewhere else if it’s not included in the latest LB update?

Look for the HB Energy tab (I believe s the HB-E on your image.

Thanks, but HB-E only contains HB annual and peak loads, and the OS app, not the ‘HB Run Energy Simulation’ one. I assume that’s been ditched so we just can use the OS one to do more or less the same thing.

Hi @Rob if you are looking to run an energyplus simulation with the new version of LBT this is what the general workflow looks like

Note that the HB Model to OSM component has run_ set to 2, this keeps the openstudio simulation from running and only writes the *.idf and *.osm files.
then using the HB Run IDF component, you can run your EP simulation.
the picture’s file is here (24.9 KB)

I have run according to your instructions

I have a problem when running IDF File using “HB Run IDF” where when I run using the “HB Run IDF” component the results on zsz do not change, even though I have added a script to add string in the component “HB Model to OSM”, and I have added a separate output variable that does not exist in the HB Simulation output.

I’ve tried running IDF on “EP Launch V. 23.-2”, after simulating the results “incsv” appears and outputs the results I want