Does HoneyBee+ allow me to set the details of the air wall?


I am using a simple model to validate my own .epw and .ddy.

I am using the standard office (ASHRAE’s model) as its model, which consists of an interior and a perimeter.
Therefore, when I set the air boundary for each space and did the calculations, I noticed that there was no setting for air exchange at the boundary.

When I check the .idf, it seems that the air is exchanged at 1440[m3/h/m] (1440[CMH/m]). Is it possible to set this value independently in Honeybee+?

Maybe I’m just missing something.
Please let me know!


I think what you re searching for is the interzone airflow Rate, which you can determine in the honeybee component setEPNatVent.

I use Airwalls mainly to seperate my Zones for partial resutls.

I guess Honeybee Legacy components are the only way to go…

Thanks, BenGottkehaskamp.

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