Does HoneyBee leverage the E+ HVACTemplate ExpandObjects program?

Apologies if I have my concepts mixed up here.
We have a workflow that constructs IDFs, making use of the various E+ HVACTemplates.
This leaves the IDF files a little simpler to do further post processing.
On execution of the simulation, the auxilary ExpandObject program runs, and generates the expidf file, that generates all the nodal detail.
( ExpandObjects: Auxiliary Programs — EnergyPlus 8.3)

Looking at IDF files generated from HoneyBee workflows; it seems fully expanded HVAC components are written to the saved IDF file. Is the E+ HVAC template function used?

My real question is; can the IDF files output from HoneyBee include the ‘unexpanded’ IDF as well? this would make further post processing easier for our downstream workflows.

Does anyone have a view on this? Is it a limitation where HB integrates with OSM first to generate the IDF? (not sure if that statement is correct) @chris ?

Hi @SWalters,

I am not sure I understand your question. But if you want to generate a model without HVAC system you can use the ideal airloads.


Hi @SWalters
Technically speaking, the ExpandObjects program is a preprocessor that is currently used with the HVACTemplate objects.
Honeybee does not use HVACTemplate objects and does convert osm file to idf file for energy simulation.