Does running accelerad require honeybee[+]?

Sorry for being naive.

I’m searching for approaches to apply accelerad in honeybee and the results lead me to honeybee[+].

I’m currently using the honeybee from pollination 1.5, inside which I am aware the module honeybee_plus is not included.

After checking other posts in this forum mentioning the difference between lbt 1.5 honeybee and honeybee[+], I’m totally confused.

Do I have to install honeybee[+] for running acelerad? If so, how to install?
Otherwise for honeybee included in pollination 1.5, can I still repalce the files as mentioned in accelerad document and make it work?

Nevermind, works for the honeybee from pollination 1.5.
Checked with image based analysis, speed up from 20mins (Xeon(R) W-2255 20 cores) to 50secs (RTX 3060), amazing!