Does the HB Sensor Grid of only two rooms consider the entire HB Model in calculations?

Hi everyone,

I’m having issues with running the HB PMV Comfort Map component on my model. Maybe there’s a flaw in my thinking somewhere. This is the error message I receive:

"1. Solution exception:The recipe failed to run with the following summary:

Scheduled 35 tasks of which:

  • 13 ran successfully:
    • 1 CopyResultInfo(…)
    • 1 CreateDirectSky(…)
    • 1 CreateModelOccSchedules(…)
    • 1 CreateModelTransSchedules(…)
    • 1 CreateResultInfo(…)
  • 2 failed:
    • 1 RunEnergySimulation(…)
    • 1 SetModifiersFromConstructions(…)
  • 20 were left pending, among these:
    • 20 had failed dependencies:
      • 1 CopyGridInfo(…)
      • 1 CopyRedistInfo(…)
      • 1 CreateDynamicOctrees(…)
      • 1 CreateOctree(…)
      • 1 CreateOctreeWithSuns(…)

I want the PMV calculation to consider the entire model, but only use the sensor grids of two rooms. Neither of these options work:

However, this option does work (I disconnected the context shading for time purposes):

Does this result in the calculations only using these two rooms and disregarding the rest of the model? Or is the data of the rest of the model embedded in the two rooms I want to use?

I’m guessing that the rest of the model is considered since the back wall on the bottom right shows a warmer temperature than the wall at the back left where it is facing the outside. However I would like to double check this and understand where the flaw in my thinking is.

I am using LB/HB version 1.6.0, OpenStudio 3.5.0, and EnergyPlus 22.2.0. I believe those are the latest versions available, and they should be compatible according to the available compatibility matrix.

A copy of my file is attached. (276.7 KB)

Thanks so much!