Domestic hot water (bath and kitchen) and HVAC system

Hi, I have a few questions. when I use “residential AC with baseboard central air source heat pump or Residential Ac with baseboard electric” should I manage a hot water system for my bathroom and kitchen or do these systems calculate hot water? and no need for it?
Also, how can I find out these systems’ details, I mean whether they provide hot water for the sink and etc, or any other info?
Is there any sample for hot water evaluation in energy simulation?
Thank you guys

@chris @mostapha @minggangyin. Hi, can you guys help me to understand this issue clearly? Thank you for your help

Hey @nasrollah ,

It sounds like you should probably review one of the tutorials on energy modeling fundamentals like this one:

Service hot water loads have their own specification under program types and rooms and you can assign systems that meet that load with the HB SHW System component. SHW systems are completely separate from HVAC systems.

Thanks for your guidance, dear Chris. The results show usage for " Water Systems" that’s why I got confused. Because I thought it is for hot water usage in the bath and kitchen. Yes, I should take a look at your tutorials. So, as it sounds, if I want to calculate hot water for the bath and kitchen, I should consider these rooms’ programs (equipment like washing machine, and hot water usage for the bathroom) and also implement the “HB SHW system” component for calculation. Please correct me If I am wrong. Thank you so much.

Hi @nasrollah ,

Your understanding is correct. The energy use that you see under “Water Systems” from the HB End Use Intensity component is the hot water energy for showers, washing machines, etc.

By default this energy value will be the thermal heating energy that needs to be added directly to the water to bring it to the hot water temperature. When you assign a detailed hot water system via the HB SHW System component, this energy will be the fuel or electric energy consumed by the hot water heater.

Thanks for your explanation @chris. I have a few questions. Where should I apply the SHW System component? At the end of each room that has hot water usage or should be applied after choosing the HVAC system? BTW, is this only based on the building program or it is possible to consider tank size? Also, these programs (midrise apartment, office, etc) are based on particular standards? Because want to know the how Service hot water works and know if it is based on liters/day*person. Also, is there any program for the kitchen and shower or we should build it? Thanks again. (126.0 KB)