Doors in HoneyBee

I have done a simple model composed by 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. I inserted points to create each room, and after that created a box to form the rooms. To add windows I have separated the box in faces and used the honey bee glazing ratio to add windows in the face where the window was suposed to be. After that I created honeybee surfaces and zones and have done the energy simulation in order to obtain operative temperature for each room. Now I want to add internal doors, and I have done the doors using surfaces. How do I do to make honeyBee recognize those surfaces as doors? I saw in another discussion that you said to use the Set EP Air Flow component air mixing schedule input to model when the door is closed vs open, but I dont know where do I connect the door in the set EP Air Flow Component.

I hope the question is not very confusing…

I have the same doubt as you

Is it possible to add doors to an energy model .Openstudio has door objects to specify.Does honeybee have any component?

You have to add a door as a subsurface using HB AddSubsurface.
I isolated the wall with the door as its own construction/HB face, but I’m not totally sure you need to split it out.