Double glazed window

hi,i have tried to model both, double glazed window and simple window.i wanted to figure out how double glazed window can be effective in saving energy. but,using both windows had the same result !!! i assume the problem is setting material,however i checked several times.

Edit: how do you mean the “result is the same”?

I mean monthly data for cooling and heating had the same amont

hmmm… It looks like the simulation runs with the same EXACT inputs. Your glazing constructions seem to have different U-Values though (same conductivity, different thickness), so there might be something wrong downstream before the simulation component. Maybe sharing your script would help figuring out what is wrong. First verify that the U-value of each construction is different.

Thank you for such a nice answer

Unfortunately it did not work. If it’s possible,please take a look at a file which is attached. (798.6 KB)

The file was not well defined in so many levels that i can’t detail here.
See attached a working version … and simplified.
Basically the biggest mistake was exploding the zone (don’t understand why you did that) and then joining the faces back. At that point the window definition/geometry was lost. So basically both zones were windowless, hence the same results.
See blue groups to see how i dealt with the issue.
Also updated the file to the last version of the components.
Now you can see differences in the results.
-A. (768.4 KB)

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thank you so much.
it was nice of you to correct my mistake. i did some research about my project, but unfortunately i could not find a relevant guidance.