Double skin roof in HB/OS?

Hello all,

Having set up an energy model (through HB) that uses separate zones to model double skin facades (DSFs), I’d like to do the same with the roof construction. But, I can’t figure out how to create a glazed floor component (to match to the skylight in the adjacent zone). I have done this before in straight OpenStudio (with the sketchup interface), so that’s an option, but it’d be great to get it done within the HB workflow.

Thanks for your thoughts!


I apologize for a late response. This example shows you how to model a DSF with honeybee:…

It’s for a vertically-oriented facade but the principles are the same for a DSF roof. As long as you have matching window geometries on the adjacent zone surfaces before running the zones through solveAdjacencies, the solveAdjacencies component will recognize the windows as adjacent and allow light to transmit across the window.


Chris - that’s super useful to see your flow, thanks! I like the MakeItAPlenum component, and I hadn’t yet tried out the natural ventilation model interface, but it looks like you’ve developed it into utter straightforwardness so I’ll give a try.

I think my difficulties were in the geometry-matching. After my question, I went forward with grinding out the geometry by hand, which worked. But just now writing this I’m remembering your _IntersectMasses tool, which would subdivide the roof (poly)surface where my DS masses match to it. I had neglected to do that, so the smaller zone-lets that I setup to be the DS’s weren’t correctly mated to the real zone. So, so far I have been able to model the whole roof as a DS, but I couldn’t model smaller “skylight-style” glazed components that didn’t cover the whole roof surface.

On a lightly related note (so maybe this deserves a new thread) is there a reason the BlockBeamSolar control option for the E+ blinds object isn’t exposed by the HB EPWindowShades component? I like how you generate schedules from the climate data; I haven’t tried the CSV schedules through OS yet, but I believe you that it’s working now, and I see that with a little math one could write the BBS angles schedule easily enough.


Glad that you find the definition useful. I am going to update the components on that hydra shortly so that it’s not using the components from a year ago.

Getting the energy model geometry correct often takes me longer than the setting up the components these days so I can definitely relate.

The question you ask about BlockBeamSolar is a good one. There are actually a lot of little parameters for shading that I did not expose on the shade component mostly because it is already so big. I would say that there’s still room for a few more if people would find them useful. If you start a github issue for it, I will get to it eventually.