Doubts about shading panel simulation result

Hello everybody, I am now doing a simulation about the performance of the shading panel. I have run two simulations, a room with shading panel and a room without the panel, and want to compare the indoor temperature and air humidity in these two cases. The ideal result should be the indoor temperature in shading room is lower than the one without the shading panel. However, in my model, I can only find a very slight change in the air temperature, even at the hottest time in the whole year. I have tried many other methods such as changing the material or the shape of the panel, but it seems does not work. Is there anybody who can help to solve this problem? You can find the gh model file in the attachments, thanks in advance!

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Assuming you are checking a passive solution (didn’t check your file), shading of windows is one of the factors that can affect the performance of the building (including internal temperature). But not the only one. Check your settings for natural ventilation, thermal mass, orientation, etc.

@AbrahamYezioro, Thank you for your reply. In fact, I have already checked other settings you mentioned above, the natural ventilation is 0.5, orientation is south and so on. But I still could not find the solution. I would appreciate if you can help to check my gh file.

@Siweiliu14632 I have check your GH file. There are some debug in it.
Bug 1: The current unit of your 3d model is mm. I suggest you set Meter for 3d model.
Bug 2: You used createHBzones for energy modeling. The default setting of this compotent is conditioned zone.