DownloadEPW component is not working

Hi everybody,

I have installed the latest Ladybug and I am having a problem with DownloadEPW component.
Particularly, whenever I connect it with the weather file url it says “1. Solution exception:init takes exactly 5 arguments (1 given)”

Does anyone know how to solve this?

PS. I already tried to reinstall it but its not working.

Thanks in advance!

Can you give us the full traceback? You’ll see it if you double click the center of the component to open the code and then connect a URL to run the component.

With a screenshot of that, I should be able figure out what is going on.

It would also help to know if you get this error form any of the other components.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply. Here is the screenshot. I have not noticed a similar problem with other components.

Hi @Mari ,

I’m sorry that I should have been more specific. I need the bottom of the editor (there should be something there that says “Traceback”). That’s what I need in order to know where in the code things are failing.

Hi Chris,

I have attached the screen, I hope it helps.

Ah, that’s what I needed, @Mari . Thank you!

You can actually see on line 79 of your screenshot the error message that you were supposed to get. It seems that your username contains non-ASCII characters and this will cause issues with the download. Connecting an input for _folder_ that contains only safe characters should allow you to use the component normally.

I just pushed a fix so that others will get the correct message when this case happens again in the future:

Now, I see that the correct message can come through:

Thanks again!