Dragon fly availabe codes beyond ASHRAE


We recently started having a look at Dragonfly at Zaha Hadid Architects and would like to know if your plugin recognises other climate zones, besides the ones defined by the ASHRAE. We would like to make Urban heat Island studies in other regions outside the USA, within the EU and ASIA specifically.


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@Carlos_BM ,

All climates on planet earth can be classified into an ASHRAE climate zones even though the ASHRAE climate zone system was developed in the US primarily for US building codes. This is why you can usually find an ASHRAE climate zone in the .stat files that downloads with the .epw even when these files are for locations outside of the US. So I would recommend checking there to see if you can find an ASHRAE classification for your city.

Also bear in mind that the only thing the ASHRAE climate zone affects in Dragonfly is the default set of constructions used in the urban model (it’s just trying to align these constructions and their insulation values with something appropriate for that climate’s building code). So I wouldn’t worry too much if you are off by a climate zone or two. As long as you are close and haven’t picked constructions typical of a hot climate for an urban heat island model in Siberia, your results will be in the right range.

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Thanks for the comments Chris you were right. Do you guys have any additional information around there or video tutorials we can share with our team, besides the material in Github? Let us know. Thanks!

Let me know if we could get in touch by email:

Carlos BM