DragonFly Building From Solid Solve Adjacency

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there is a way to solve adjacencies between buildings when using DF_Building_From_Solid component. As a workaround, I tried utilizing BooleanUnion in Rhino and bringing the new massing into DragonFly but for some reason the new massing isn’t translated correctly into the model.

Also, I know that I can make room2Ds and solve adjacencies instead but that would make my grasshopper script significantly bigger.

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Hi @Leite, have you found any solution for that?

I have a similar question in that regard, however for the workflow that creates buildings from footprints.
I would like to understand if it is possible to solve adjacencies at the “building level” instead of using room2Ds. Here is an example that I have created to exemplify the problem:
Building_from_footprint_adjacencies.gh (44.7 KB)

In a situation like that, in which there are two buildings adjacent to each other created from the footprint (the same would be from a solid) the model does not recognize the adjacent faces as “internal walls”, thus assigning windows to them as well.

So my question is:
Are there going to be components like “DF Intersect Room2D” and “DF Solve Adjacency” covering the building from solid and building from footprint workflows in the future, or is there currently a way around to avoid the occurrence of issues like the ones visible in the provided example?