Dragonfly: building solids maximum supported range

Dear Ladybug team,

I started to use Dragonfly with the latest version of Ladybug 1.2.0. I need to run an analysis on quite a large amount of building solid and I was testing the components “DF building from footprint”. I plugged 50 different building footprints and the component return the error “1. Solution exception:Array dimensions exceeded supported range.”.
What is the maximum amount of building footprints (or solids) that these components can process? I could not find indications on a max capacity in the documentation.
Thank you!

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I have the same question, did you find the answer? and also do you know is there any way to get the result for each building separately? as I can see the result is for each zone

Sorry that I didn’t see this issue earlier since it seems it had been mis-labeled as a legacy issue.

There’s no maximum number of building footprints or solids that the components can handle but maybe your machine is running out of memory?

Can you post the full output of the report that the component gives? Can you also post the specs of the machine on which you are trying to run the analysis?