Dragonfly-envimet deformation issue in .INX file

Hi there!
I’m having troubles with dragonfly-envimet climate simulation. I used as geometries 15 squares with 3 cells on each side (3x3), of different materials, (all white in the attached image), and the red surface as base surface for the grid of envimet.

However, already in the geometric model of envimet (the .INX file) the squares become 4x4 in size.


And therefore, at the end of the simulation, the squares are larger than my input surfaces

I have tried in various ways but I can’t get another result
What could it be?
I’ ll also attach the gh file

Palette.gh (564.1 KB)

Thanks in advance!


Hi @sipicco,

envimet grid is made by centroids. Please, make sure that points are inside your geometries.
See screenshot below to understand what I mean: