Dragonfly/ epw file does not work with the UWG component


Hi Friends,

I am trying out Dragonfly for the first time using one of the basic workflows, but sadly, my epw (linking it strait from the DOE website) does not seem to work.

I can’t attached a file (since I am new here). But this is the link for my epw

Any suggestions?

Thank you!



@JonathanNatanian can you attach simplified GH script, or even add screenshot image of your error message/setup?




Unfortunately I can not upload an attachment.
but here is a link:

Thank you!



It looks like the original uwg code assumed that the ground temperatures for soil depths were provided for 3 depths, or none, and so it was thrown off by your Tel Aviv epw which only provided 1 soil depth.

I fixed the code, so use the Update Dragonfly component to pull in the changes:

After you use this component you may need to delete your old Run UWG component, and drag a new one from the toolbar.



Thank you for fixing this @SaeranVasanthakumar !


Thank you very much for this great support!