Dragonfly Homogeneous Coloring


I am trying to visualize a Landsat Thermal Image, but am getting very homogeneous coloring not similar to the San Francisco example.

I downloaded my LANDSAT file from https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/ as the ReverbEcho site is down.


Above is the type of file I used.

@ebroberg ,

Sorry for the very late response. Yes, I think parts of the underlying service of ReverbEcho might be down as the result of the US government shutdown.

However, it seems that you have gotten the right type of image and imported it correctly. The reason why the image looks washed out is because the blank part of the LANDSAT tile is being converted into temperature values and is throwing off your legend. Try decreasing the imageWidth and imageHeight as you see in this example:

Alternatively, you can use some of your own legend parameters to fix the legend at more reasonable values.