Dragonfly: importing Landsata data and related issue

Hi Francesco,

I apologize for the late response and thank you for trying out this component. You are one of the first to play around with this as Dragonfly has been in beta for quite some time and is only just now being cleaned-up/rewritten. The error was happening because I never updated the component to work with the newest Ladybug_Ladybug. I have fixed this here:


Let me know if you get the chance to retry it with the new component.


Hi Chris,

thank you for the response.

I have downloaded the data for Bologna:

The component now seems to work:

but I have some difficulties to find this location in the custom preview below:

I also tried to “zoom out” modifying the image width height input data but with a value equal or higher than 9000 m it appears an error:



In other words, Chris, I think there is a problem with the central latitude and longitude of the displayed image.