Dragonfly install version

I have install the dragonfly according to the steps .And also I have downloaded the example files. When I open the example files ,it said that the example files’ definition version is 1.000,while I have installed the dragonfly is 0.003.I can’t find the 1.000version in the formal web, and also I have tried in the GH to update, but it became red which said one file has been used .And I also turned off the computer ,which cannot be solved.
Did someone have the dragonfly new version, or how can I solve the problem to open the dragonfly example files normally? ThanksQQ%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8720191112104344

Hi @kaikai,

you could try to delete it and install it again using “installer.gh”.
I have updated Dragonfly envimet Wiki page and all examples: Wiki Page Dragonfly envimet components


I have tried to delete it ,but it appeared the same problem. Or can someone who have updated the Dragonfly upload the updated envimet?

Hi @kaikai,

you can try this:

  1. In Grasshopper: Go to File/Special Folders/Component folder and delete “Dragonfly” folder
  2. Download Dragonfly from here: Download this entire github repository
  3. Check if downloaded .zip file has been blocked. If it is blocked right click on it, choose Properties, click on Unblock and confirm with OK.
  4. Unzip folder and than double click on “installer.gh”
  5. Set component to True
  6. Reset your Rhino


Thanks. I have done according to what you said. I have open the example files ,but some icon become red or yellow, are there any other problem with it ?

Hi @kaikai,

Can you connect a panel to one of red components and make a screenshot?
Can you also make a screenshot of files inside File/Special Folders/Component Folder/Dragonfly?
I want to make sure dll is inside folder.


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The screenshot is above. Thanks

@kaikai It is easy to debug this error. You should connect enviment fold to read library compotent.
Just like this:

Thank you @minggangyin! I need to add a nice warning for it.
Are you able to run other components that use envimet installation path?


hi,@AntonelloDiNunzio Other components also need input of envimet folder. So I suggest to identify the installer folder of envimet using scripts as. honeybee identify energyplus or openstudio.

@minggangyin thanks for suggestion!

Wow, it works! Thank you very much!

Hi @kaikai and @minggangyin,

I have added a new component to set installation directory of Envimet. You need it only if Envimet is not recognized.

This version is part of latest Dragonfly Legacy on github page.


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