Dragonfly legacy - Envimet read library not working


I am new to both Dragonfly/Ladybug and Envimet and I am trying to follow this video as a tutorial. However, the envimet location function is not working and therefore, the viewGrid too is not functioning. What am I doing wrong?

This was solved. Had to use an older version of Ladybug legacy. However,
now I am struggling with DF-legacy Read Envimet Library component, which seems to have some source code issue - see screenshot.
Does it mean I have to use an older version of DF-legacy too? The video uses 0.0.03.

Hi @SuNa, Dragonfly legacy version is not upgraded. You can use this new version called Morpho

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Hello, were you able to solve this issue?

Yes, used DF Legacy but eventually downloaded Morpho for better integration with EnviMet