Dragonfly site coverage ratio

Hi everyone, I’m using dragonfly just to learn how it works, during a simulation os Urban Weather from Building Footprints, and the City parameter seems not to be working due to the following error:

  1. Solution exception:site_coverage_ratio must be between 0 and 1. Current value is 2.44543501139

Does anyone know what it means? I tried to shrink the model if it was the total area that was causing this error.

Thank you for your attention.!
Bellow has a screenshot of my canvas with the error
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-27 at 12.59.16|690x388

This means your site is smaller than the foorprints of your typologies.
You have to look at the explanation of the _terrain input.

_terrain: A brep or list of breps that represent the the terrian beneath the urban area, including all pavement, grass areas, and the region beneath the buildings. Note that this brep should just reflect the surface of the terrain and should not be a closed solid. The outer limits of this surface will be used to determine the density of the urban area so including surface area that extends well beyond the buildings will cause the simulation to inacurately model the density.

That means the terrain should be a planar surface? Still getting problems in my model, tried changing the typology but still no success, could you take a look at it for me and see what went wrong? If it is possible sure.

Hi @Dconforte,

The terrain can also be a list of breps. So it should be possible to make a complex terrain, although I never tried it yet. If you attach your file I can have a look.