Dragonfly / Suitable "rural" weather file

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Dragonfly recently to generate “urban” weather files from rural mesurements (using UWG).

I realized that my conception of “rural” was rather vague, so I wonder if there is a rule or maybe some good practice regarding the choice of the rural weather file.

Here is the issue in my specific case : there is a weather station in park 2km away from my urban site. I first used it to run the UWG, then I realized that this park was very likely affected by the global UHI effect (since it is located in the city).

Therefore I think I have to use an airport weather file. The closest one available is not affected by the UHI, but it is located around 20km away…

What do you think? I guess the main criterion is the absence of UHI, so I’d go with the airport EPW, but I wonder is someone had the same problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Julien,

It depends on the terrain, but 20km isn’t terribly far so the airport data should be fine. I would spend some time to compare the weather data from the park and the airport but in any case, if the park is large enough (e.g. Central Park in Manhattan), it should also approximate the rural condition.