Dragonfly typolgy envelope

Hi @chris and all Ladybuggers :slight_smile:
can you give me an answer on this issue:
I have tried to modify the characteristics of the envelope of a new construction, a hypothetical school, considering the “typology envelope” dragonfly component .

I have inserted some random values in all the inputs of this component to verify it they are considered in the output “typology” object. By comparing the related white panel with the default output typology of the BuildingTypology component (see green panel) there are no differences except for the glazing ratio.
Could you explain why?


Do you mean why isn’t the shgc, albedo etc changes appearing in the new typology panel? That’s just because the output from the TypeEnvelope component only gives you a summary of the Building Typology,object, and this summary doesn’t include detailed facade detail (other then the glazing ratio). All your changes will be accounted for when you run the simulation.


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That’s ok.
thank you.