Dragonfly update error

It seems dragonfly update component has some issues in updating. I am attaching the screenshot.

Can anybody help to fix it

Hi @Asisnath,

this is a minor technical issue related to how Grasshopper works and how developer has written code for input part of components.
Basically, dll is called also when GH starts because I have used some default materials that come from a custom class which is part of dll. because input part calls these default materials from dll you cannot delete dll on fly while Grasshopper is running - “dragonfly update” component deletes and installs DF files.
I know how to fix it - by removing custom materials from inputs - but It is a good choice for a programming point of view. I would like to ask for suggestions to McNeel if there is an elegant way to manage it.

I can fix dragonfly update avoiding dll and gha part for now and I suggest you update dragonfly envimet components manually once both Rhino and Grasshopper are closed.


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@AntonelloDiNunzio thanks for the update on this

@AntonelloDiNunzio I’m having the same problem as @Asisnath. Have you found a solution that doesn’t imply manually time to time updating?

Hi @davinogiulio and @Asisnath,

I have fixed “DF Update” in order to work well with other DF components. Unfortunately:

  • you can only update *.dll if no envimet component is running;
  • you cannot update *.gha file on fly. It seems to be a common behavior of Rhino6

You can download latest version of Dragonfly legacy from Github. I have added 4 new components


Thank you very much. I’ll check the new components!