Dragonfly UWG problem


I’m having problems with the UWG files, I already installed them manually and the problem keeps coming up. Someone knows what might be happening. I include image.

  1. Dragonfly currently only works on Rhino 6.

  2. The Urban Weather Generator (uwg) is not currently installed.

You will not be able to run simulations to account for urban heat island.

Use the Dragonfly installer component to (re)install the uwg or download

the most recent version from here:

and copy the uwg folder to here:


  1. Hi 21861!

Dragonfly is Flying! Vviiiiiiizzz…

Default path is set to: c:\ladybug\

UWGEngine path is set to: None

I would point you towards Dragon fly in LBT 1.0.9. Please download this version by visiting the food4rhino link mentioned in this post.

The Dragonfly in the new LBT plugin and dragonfly-legacy are kinda two different animals right now so just installing the new plugin might not address the issue. Specifically, the new LBT dragonfly does not yet have UWG integration (we should have it for the next stable release of the LBT plugin). @Edychivo , can you confirm whether the reason why you are trying to install dragonfly-legacy is to use the urban weather generator (UWG)?

The reason is to use the UWG to try to simulate heat islands in some points of a city in Mexico, and see its use for a possible research thesis

@Edychivo ,

In that case, I would recommend running the Legacy “DF Update” component and restart Grasshopper. That should ensure that the UWG gets downloaded to your machine.

Sorry for late answer, thanks

FYI, UWG integration is complete within the development version of the LBT plugin. So it will be in the LBT 1.2.0 release and, if you wanted to use it with the LBT plugin right now, you can get the development version of the plugin by running the “LB Versioner”.

Ohhh, thanks, but I think I am going to wait until the new version. Right now I am using others nodes of LBT.