Dragonfly WWR by Orientation When Direction Has No Glazing

Attempting to specify glazing by orientation using the Simple Window Ratio Parameters component, but specifying a glazing ratio of 0% for a direction results in an OpenStudio component error.

In this simplified example (DragonflyWWR_simplified.gh (50.5 KB)), two of the sides should have no glazing (which is what the HB wireframe shows), but the translated honeybee model always has four glazing surfaces per room:

Is this a bug or is there another method to apply 0% glazing by orientation? Thanks!

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Use “HB Facade Parameters” instead of the Merge component and add nothing for the orientation that doesn’t have glazing.

@ehsan.anvary Thanks for the reply, but I tried your suggestion and it produces the same result when coupled with “DF Simple Window Ratio Parameters”.

I did figure out a work around. For some reason using the “DF Repeating Window Ratio Parameters” component doesn’t produce the extra no area windows. And by setting the horizontal separation input to a large number it creates one window per façade. Using the “HB Facade Parameters” instead of the Merge component in this workflow also works.

Yes!, I forgot that, I have the same issue and by changing components, as you do, it’s resolved. I think it’s a bug in dragonfly.

Hi @RyanS and @ehsan.anvary ,

I’m sorry for the late response and thank you for finding and reporting this issue. If you simply don’t connect anything to the slot in the Merge component (instead of a 0), then everything should work. But you’re right that we should be handling this case so that you don’t end up with a cryptic error message like you did here.

I just committed a change to the components that will ensure that this case doesn’t happen again:

…and I also made a change dragonfly core library to make sure that this case is always handled (no matter where the dragonfly model comes from):

Thanks again!