Dump to gbxml error

Hi @chris,

I tried to dumb a HB model to gbxml, however the skylights are not beiing exported as they should be.

  1. Solution exception:id_00_01_8fa1ab90_Space

The model runs fine in Openstudio.

220301_Basis_main_model.hbjson (647.6 KB)
IdealAirLoads.7z (77.2 KB)

Hey @Erikbeeren ,

The HBJSON model that you uploaded doesn’t have any rooms in it:

… so I at least know that model won’t run in OpenStudio.

I think your gbXML is actually valid but it’s just that the gbXML schema doesn’t really support shapes with holes in them (they have to be converted to a single list of vertices and Honeybee does this by winding inward to carve out the hole before coming back to the boundary of the whole shape). We also triangulate any windows with more than 4 vertices since these are not supported by most simulation engines (including EnergyPlus/OpenStudio).

It’s possible that the viewer you’re using there might not display these behaviors correctly.

FYI, I also don’t have any issue loading and dumping your gbXML file:

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Hey @Erikbeeren ,

I’ve realized that windows with < 5 vertices aren’t a strict law of gbXML, though they are a strict law of EnergyPlus. So I decided to make the auto-triangulation of sub-faces optional upon export of a gbXML:

I set it to not triangulate by default so this should hopefully keep your gbXMLs a little cleaner when you export. You’ll only need to triangulate if you’re sending this gbXML to another platform that’s specific to E+.

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