DumpGBXML Error

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Has anyone run into the problem in the attached screenshot before? Was trying to export a gbXML with two rooms and a door, but an error is shown in the “Dump GBXML” component. I tried

Please let me know how I might solve it if anyone knows, thank you!!


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Kenneth Leung

Hey @homan95 ,

I cannot recreate this case with my own simple model with a Door:

Does your Model pass validation with the HB Validate Model component?

If it does, then you have found a bug and we will fix it if you can give us a minimal sample file that helps us recreate the issue.

Hey @chris ,

Thanks for getting back. HB Validate Model checks out fine it would seem.

exportGBXML.gh (33.2 KB)
gbxml_test 001.3dm (78.8 KB)

I have also uploaded the rhino file and gh file. I am rather new to this, so forgive me if any trivial mistakes turn out to be the cause of this.

A million thanks!


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Just to supplement, the OpenStudio version I have installed is 3.7.0

Hi @homan95 ,

I can’t recreate your issue on my machine. The model exports to gbXML without issues for me:

Have you tried installing the latest version of Ladybug Tools by downloading and running the free single-click Pollination Grasshopper installer? Or you could running the LB Versioner component to get the latest development version, which probably has your issue fixed.

@chris thanks for getting back! Let me try your suggestion.

@chris I found another thread regarding a similar error Export to gbXML failed - grasshopper / honeybee - Ladybug Tools | Forum from which you have found a bug and fixed. May I ask if I have to manually incorporate these changes? Or would the LB Versioner take care of that? Because when I go into my “\ladybug_tools\resources\measures\honeybee_openstudio_gem\lib\to_openstudio” folder and check the relevant files including door.rb and aperture.rb, I realise the changes state din Github are not yet incorporated, even after I have run the LB versioner to upgrade to v1.8.0. I am suspecting these changes have something to do with the error above? I am not quite familiar with this process, would be grateful for your help!!

I have uploaded three screenshots, one for the Github page where I was trying to understand the changes made in the bug fix, one for the “honeybee_openstudio_gem” folder showing that it was recently updated (using the LB versioner), and the last one a screenshot of the door.rb opened showing the code that does not yet reflect the bug fix.

Hello @chris I am sure you are busy, just wanted to follow up and see if there is any update on this? Many thanks!!

An update:

I have replaced the files in my computer with the ones from Github (i.e. “aperture.rb”, “door.rb”, “face.rb” and “model.rb” under the “to_openstudio” folder). The algorithm that I built earlier works now.

Hi @homan95 ,

Sorry for the late response. Running the LB Versioner and restarting Rhino/Grasshopper definitely would have gotten the fix onto your machine.

FYI, another (possibly better) way to work around this is to assign your door to the Honeybee Room using the HB Add Subface component. Then, the door would actually be translated to gbXML as a Door instead of a shade object.

Hi @chris, thanks for the help! I have downloaded Pollination to get the latest version of HB. I have also tried using the “HB Add Subface” component. These have both worked! Many thanks again.

I also noticed that the LB versioner approach didn’t work for me because I specified 1.8.0 instead of leaving the input to empty.