Dynamic blinds for point in time illuminance simulation

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I am doing illuminance simulations for a complete day of an apartment building. I want to simulate the effect interior venetian blinds would have on the space. They should be dynamic in the case that they should be used only during the moments where direct sun is entering the space. This is to avoid too much illuminance in the space when the sun hits directly. What would be the best way to model this dynamically? I understand that the dynamic shading component is only for daysim annual simulations right?

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Hi @jholguin71,

Yes, you are right. Please use this from @mostapha.

For such dynamic shading analysis, shades are grouped. For instance, shades for windows facing east will be in one group. Honeybee Legacy uses Daysim for annual simulations and Daysim only allows for 2 window gorups. This would a good start if you are using dynamic shading for the first time.

Please keep in mind the following:

  1. Daysim uses Light switch algorithm of human behavior so lowering of shades will not only depend on the illuminance thresholds.
  2. Make sure to carefully analyze the annual shading profile.
  3. Run a few point in time glare analysis to see if there’s really either disability glare or intolerable glare when the shade is being lowered.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Devang!

So I will do an annual simulation and then parse thought the specific hours I need right?

Where can I find information about the light switch algorithm?

Yes. If you’re using Honeybee. No. If you use Honeybee[+].

Daysim’s webpage:


Great! If I use honeybee+ what would the method be?

Generate the sky matrix only for those hours instead of the whole year. See hoys_ input description.

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