Dynamic shade daylight simulation

Hello all,
I want to compare the fixed blinds and the dynamic blinds.
The evaluation index is sDA.
But the sDA of fixed blinds and dynamic blinds is the same( sDA22%).
The shading profile has error.
Why there was no data in May -August.

shade_dynamic.gh (611.1 KB)

Are you using Honeybee or Honeybee[+] for this case?

Not sure what you mean by this.

I use Honeybee.
I refer to this case.
009_AnnualDaylightAnalysis_III_dynamicBlinds.gh (633.2 KB)
The analysis recipes of the static blinds and dynamic blinds are different, but the result (sDA) is the same.
What I expect is that the SDA of the dynamic blinds is higher.
I don’t know where the problem is. Please help me.


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The above is my confusion.

could you tell me why the blind’s angle has no effect on my results . When I set the blind’s angle to 90°, the DA is not 0 .I think it is wrong . Could you tell me why?

Blind_illumiance.gh (624.9 KB)
Office.3dm (80.4 KB)

Hi @TianYixin,
Did you find where the mistake was?
I have the same problem.