Dynamic shading analysis - Annual Irradiance


Am hacking a PV calculation based on the results from an annual irradiance simulation. And would like to include variable albedo for the ground.

What is the status of dynamic shading with regard to this?`

I saw in Here that there is a work around for annual daylight.

Is there something similar available for annual irradiance?`


Hi @LittleBuddha,

The annual-irradiance recipe does not support dynamic shading. For now you have to run the recipe for each ground condition.

Hi Mikkel.

Thanks for the rapid response.

Will do that, and combine afterwards.

Is there a plan for getting it to work with the annualirradiance?

If so, you can write me up as a tester.

Hi @LittleBuddha,

I would not say there is a concrete plan. Of course it would be nice to have but it is not a priority right now.

Fair enough.