Dynamic shading based on radation

hello, I want to design a dynamic shade based on radation, so that it opens or closes at a specific radation. I wanted to use the python code below, but it gives me an error. I don’t know what is the problem. Is there a better way?

Hi @Qodsiye

What error are you getting? I would guess that if you read it carefully it would tell you what you need to do?

From the screen shot, it appears that you have some syntax errors:

  1. Line 5 the elif is at the wrong level of indentation. In python the indentation matters in a way it does not in many other languages. In this case, it appears that it would be back that the same level as the if on line 3
  2. In python, the correct order for less-than-or-equal is <=, not `=<’ - so on line 3.
  3. The statement on line 3 will also resolve in a way that I don’t think you want. The way it is currently written, it will evaluate like this:

(if Radiation <= 300) or (_______ >= 1000) which will give a syntax error, since you are testing ‘nothing’ against 1000

the better way to write a statement like that in python is:

if (radiation <= 300) or (radiation >= 1000):

that will resolve to True if radiation is less than, or equal to 300 OR if it is greater than 1000.

  1. You also cannot have spaces in your variable names (Size of hole). Note that the usual python convention is for all variables to be ‘snake-case’ with lower-case letters underscores instead of spaces. So: Size of holesize_of_hole
  2. Note also that the Size of hole variable does not need to be initialized as a list (line 2) but instead can just be assigned to directly as in line 4 and line 6.
  3. You do not need to import rhinoscriptsyntax (line 1) as you do not access it in your code.
  4. An easy fix for these types of things is to try just copy-pasting your code into something like ChatGPT or similar and asking it to fix it for you and resolve any syntax errors. That works very well for these kinds of issues.

all the best of luck with it,

ok thank you very much do you know a good website for this (chat gpt)?


I would try just going right to their main site at https://chat.openai.com/. It should be free to use the v3.5 model, which is plenty good enough for troubleshooting python syntax errors in my experience.

You might also try the new Google’s Bard as well if ChatGPT isn’t working well for you.


ok thank you.
i will check it